Friday, March 29, 2013

fly me there....

dear wind please fly me there. 
I wish for a miracle. This time it is not for me.

Kalau dulu, macam satu miracle je bila dapat pergi tengok kau di dewan USM kubang kerian. Tengok kau di pentas, tengok kau dari jauh. Allah heard my prayer at that moment. Thank you for giving me that chance. Then I walked away. proud to know that you are very outstanding from others. 

this time, hati ini memberontak lagi, wanna go there, at the LIMA Langkawi though this time it means to see you from far again but it won't happen this time. 

you went there already. Today. Friday.
kejutkan kau bangun, walaupun tak tahu kau dah bangun ke tak kala itu, supaya kau tak kena tinggal sebab nak pergi LIMA.  
and I am still here, finishing the remaining holidays left for me.
I just wish to see you from far, not going to disturb you as I know both of us will be awkward to meet each other. 
I will be speechless and trembling right in front of you. 
I just wish to see you from far, though it is just 5 minutes. It is more than enough. I am happy enough seeing you doing well with your life. 

my heart whispers : 
are we going to meet again? can I have that one chance again? 

apapun, Tuhan tolong jaga dia ok? Terima kasih ;

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