Thursday, March 28, 2013

kindness and love

kindness, a simple yet full of meaning.
syida once told me ' kebaikan itu, kalau dibuat dengan ikhlas, tak perlu susah payah untuk orang lain nampak, sebab ianya akan dirasai oleh orang lain '

kindness is as powerful as love. Spread the love, to each and everyone. Not only to human, to your surroundings, to the nature and to the animals . Love the children, as they are very pure, innocent, honest and they are magical. Never underestimate them to know nothing, they can feel the love and kindness and they know how to appreciate.
Mama once told me : buat baik tu sebab Allah, bukan sebab pape, one day bila kita susah masa tu lah kita perlukan orang lain. Mana boleh kita hidup sendiri sendiri.

Yeap, sekalipun kau rasa kau mampu hidup sorang sorang independent , pasti ada satu ketika kau perlukan bantuan orang lain. So, be kind to all people, though they are just strangers, though they just the animals.
As much as you spread kindness, spread the love. Tak perlu susah susah nak spread love pada kaum adam semata mata, anak yatim, kanak-kanak, orang tua , we all need love.

though I am afraid to show love, though I am afraid to love, though I didn't know how to love but I believe in love, and spreading love as much as I strongly believe that kindness will always win to touch a heart .
I have changed, right after I lost one of my best friend in a car accident, that is when I learn to appreciate whatever I have in life. That is when I started to show love, and kindness to the people surrounding me because everyone need to feel appreciated, everyone need to be loved as much as we need to be loved by others. I learn and still learning to show love as my appreciation from the ALLAH's gifts for giving wonderful people to accompany me in my life through my thick and thin.

just show your love and kindness as the sign of appreciation to others so that one day, you won't regret when some people have to be returned to the Creator, and when some people are just meant to be temporarily exist in your life.  'you will appreciate thing when it is no longer there' . Just don't let it happen.

I am still learning spreading the love and kindness to the right one, to those who know how to appreciate with a simple thank you not to those who will toy your love and kindness. Those morons just never know how to appreciate.
Love and kindness are the blessings from HIM to all of us. I have been living in regret, for not be able to show love to the person who means a lot to me.

 Bukan kah hidup ada pengakhiran, kenapa tidak kita sebarkan kebaikan dan cinta anugerah Ilahi pada yang memerlukan, pada yang sebetulnya?

the question is I just don't know how to show love, I didn't born to show the love, and I am afraid to love but I am trying very hard. Love is kindness. 

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