Thursday, March 28, 2013

ticket to my freedom

can I request ticket to my freedom after I complete my degree? Can I?
Can I drive the car, can I live on my own, having my own space, doing things that I really wanted to do when I can't wait to have my ticket to my freedom. All I can do right now is to be patient and to just go with the flow.

the moment I graduate, I just wanted to :

  • travel here and there with the cheapest price. Sapa suh jadik cikgu kan, memang banyak lah cuti aku. 
  • go here and there, especially in Malaysia. Kalau boleh every weekend. Enjoying the sceneries, the food and the beach and sunset as well. 
  • go hiking. 
  • learn to swim, then going for snorkeling, jet sky,Maybe future hubby is willing to teach me swimming? ok, I can do it by myself. 
  • I want to have own space and time. 
  • I want to be alone doing this and that, unless there is someone who wanted to join me. I don't mind going alone.
  • I want to enter a university and to feel what I should feel once ago. 
  • drive puas puas. pergi sana sini sana sini.

dear Allah, reward me with all these blessings for my patients for all this while. Make me a good teacher, good daughter, good wife and good muslimah. YOU know better. I am waiting for the hikmah. Insyaallah.
I put all my trust in you.

Let me have my ticket to my freedom, ok? I just wish to find someone who can understand me and willing to do all the stupid things that I wished for with me.

I just want to have my life again. So I will wait for another 3 years. Dear Allah, listen to my prayers. Semoga penantian dan kesabaran ini berbaloi.

please, don't let the power of kronisme or kabel kabel ni buat aku kena posting kat kelantan nanti. Please. Aku konfirm dah sampai tahap 'that's it.' memang aku akan buat hal time tu.

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