Saturday, April 6, 2013

dan hidup itu janjinya mati

received the late news about nana's nenek saudara passed away through her twitter, I could sense that she is grieving and mourning, she lost quite number of her beloved within short period. She lost her most beloved atok and now her beloved nenek saudara. 

It was so touching to read her interaction/dm in my twitter ' semua orang tinggalkan nana' . Ermm, how am I going to put this into words? How am I going to start everything? 

Let me start by saying : setiap yang hidup janjinya mati. Daripada Pencipta kita datang, kepada Nya jua kita kembali. 

Nana, losing someone that heart you most, especially your relatives, your parents, your spouse, your children, and even your friends are totally painful. We lose people that we loved someday, because we are not immortal. Nobody have the eternal life in this world, only in the here after. 

death, is a reminder to all of us, especially Muslim that it may come without any sign, no one can predict when will you die even though you have been lying sick on the bed for years, or you just simply laughing with your beloved one and suddenly you pass away. It is something 'ghaib' that nobody cannot foresee and it is beyond our knowledge, not even the pawang or the doctors. 

Death, is a reminder that nothing last forever. One day, we will return to HIM. World is just a journey to the final destination which is the here after. The main question here is that 'what have we collected as our bekalan to reach our final destination?' Death will be arriving without knowing when , where, and how? Not necessarily we have to be diagnosed with cancer or other illnesses or when we are too old, barely able to walk , it may reach us when we are young. 

The question what have we collected as our bekalan to reach our final destination? is the best reflection and the best reminder to all of us . Frankly speaking, I am not ready to die when I am still a sinner, when I am still not be able to a real muslimah, when my knowledge and understanding about my own religion is too shallow and I don't think I can bear with those punishments for the sins that I've made. 

It is not that when people leave us forever, it is not that HE wanted to take everything from you, no HE is never cruel,, whether HE wanted to test us or HE wanted to meet HIS follower. Let them go freely to meet the Creator, as we belonged to HIM, just waiting and moving on collecting good deeds and trying to be a better hamba from day to day. 

at least, they are free from any pain and suffers. at least, we know they are there for the Creator. 

All we can do is, pray. Our prayers are very important. 

last words, hidup itu janjinya mati, cuma cepat atau lambat kita kembali kepada NYA. Sudah bersediakah kita? A good reflection to make here. 

reminder : "Perbanyakkanlah olehmu mengingat perosak kelazatan, iaitu mati".
           (Hadis riwayat al-Tirmizi).


teruskan hidup, kiriman doa buat mereka sentiasa hadir bersama setiap titip doa kita. I may not be that pious, but I believe in HIS promises, I believe in ISLAM is the most beautiful religion.

mereka akan sentiasa hidup di dalam hati kita, selagi doa dan memori bersama mereka tetap wujud bersama kita. 

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