Tuesday, February 4, 2014

a short weekend at Jeram Jementah

though i am not pretty sure the exact name for 'jeram' that I went to with my friends, ayah and ibu but it was located somewhere in Jementah, Johor. We went there around 4pm and arrived almost 10pm if I am not mistaken. 

It was such a very quiet place, a real 'hutan' for camping site. You can hear the melody of water flowing through that jeram and also the night creatures that started humming their melody as well. Though you will feel some kind of tranquility to be in that kind of forest ( you are very close with the nature) but it also send a queer feeling that will cause you a bit trembling. That kind goosebumps that run through your nerves. That night we only use generator to get the electricity and we have our durian (melantak macam ape dah), dinner (ibu masak best woo) and we just enjoy the night talking, sibling-quarreling and the best, went to the toilet which is quite far from our camp site and it was very dark to go there. 

that night, I slept almost 2 am while listening to the music, as I hardly fall asleep that night. A new environment maybe, so I don't simply adapt to it. tapi once dah tidoq, kirim salam lah aku nak sedar paper,, but before I fall asleep, I can hear the sound of flowing water and the sound made by the 'enormous frog' which I thought it was from the monkey. 

woke up to perfom our subuh prayer at 6.30 am and we jump into the water (bapak sejuk ) to catch the prawn. my first time having the experience tangkap udang kecik kecik dalam air pakai penapis yang digunakan di dapur tu. Punyer lah stail. Ibu taught us how to catch them and even Aira and Syida eat those small prawn alive. aku tak sanggup la pulak nak makan hidup-hidup. Part paling best bila Syida ajak aku temankan dia tangkap udang tapi dia yang give up awal-awal bila tak dapat udang. I guess, it required a big amount of patience in you. It demands a great patience. 

we have cempedak goreng, nasi goreng, then masak lagi ( aku belajar masak sayur lemak, punyer lah senang, masukkan bawang, ikan bilis,santan, bawang putih dan sayur tanpa minyak pun) . We have our breakfast,, then we jump into the water again (kali ni mandi kaw-kaw punyer) before we cooked our menu for lunch. 

layan gelagat masing-masing,, memang best. mandi dengan anis syida maira and aira also yana memang best. kau shampoo kepala aku, aku shampoo kepala kau, kau massage kaki aku and vise versa memang super best. Aku pun dah pandai belajar berenang, a good progress so i need to keep it up again lah kan. I could recall our conversation (anis,syida and I) : what if jeram ni ada virus kencing tikus? semua cuak tapi masing-masing came out with the conclusion mana ada virus tu since ramai je yang mandi kat sini. 

pukul 6 petang, bertolak balik ke maktab (kena masuk before pukul 9 malam) . then masa dalam kereta Anis dah start demam. Then, ada rentetan kisah yang berlaku pada esok harinya. 

we end our camping by having durian again at the college. memang hantu durian betul aku ni. 

enjoy the picture. 
on the way.... that little girl is Yana. my middle name as well right. 

kalau lah aku pakai mak aku punyer ni, mahu kena nyanyi free2 dengan mak aku.heh heh

cempedak goreng, tempting meh

ibu, the one of the best chef and sifu lah kalau bab masak ni

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