Tuesday, February 4, 2014

i can't wait

I still have approximately 2 years to finish my degree, I don't care about it, I will end it with the best effort but I am waiting for my greenlight.

Greenlight to my freedom. Greenlight for me to do what I wanted in my life which is backpacking and travelling. I will definitely don't have enough money to stay in a hotel so I don't mind sleeping in a hammock.

I don't mind for not having my bath for days and I don't mind for having only plain water along the way I am travelling. If I have to do this alone, I will do it alone.

So, need to enhance on my english skills, read more blogs and articles on travelling.

P/s: I wish to date somebody who loves to travel. Cheap travelling but we will really enjoy our moment together.

I shall be waiting. Waiting for my freedom.

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