Tuesday, February 4, 2014

short moment with them

It has been more than a year I was officially 'retire' from jawatankuasa perwakilan pelajar in my college. I think I have learnt so many precious experiences for these past two years when I was in that organisations.

The most precious one is the ukhwah when I was with them, the members of jpp. I started to believe that everything happened for a reason, at least for a reason. Despite of my reluctant heart to be here,, I gained wonderful moments and experiences that I know helped me to be who I am today.

Ukhwah. I call it in a simple way as friendship. I would say this relationship more sibling-like relationship. After all hardship and obstacles that we have been through, thanked to kak umai who instill love towards each other in each and everyone of us, we still care and close with each other until today thoughwe are no longer in the same organisation.

A wonderful weekend, a sunny morning we went to taman rekreasi botanikal melaka for a short jog (more on taking pictures I must say,ahaks) and we went to pengkalan balak (almost get lost to port dickson) before we had our lunch and went back to our hostel.

Kak azie, nisah,ash, ann,andi and I went together. Konon reunion jpp . Tapi ramai yang tak dapat join so last last kami berenam je. Sempat pergi ke pusat reservation penyu dan tengok penyu yang besaq tu duk berenang dengan anak-anak dia.

Tapi, yang paling bikin aku menangis bila sesi heart talk (macam main true or dare ) tapi kali ni jawab soalan yang ditanya dengan jujur. Dari situ,, aku melihat dan mendengar setiap dari kisah mereka. Kisah mereka yang aku kira, aku belajar sesuatu dari kisah mereka. Aku belajar di sebalik tawa riang mereka,, ada satu kisah duka mereka. Setiap kisah berbeza, tapi rasa itu sama. Doaku semoga mereka dipermudahkan urusan dan semoga mereka temui bahagia di akhir kisah mereka.

Mereka,, ada air mata yang menitis, bukan hanya aku yang mengalami hal yang sama.

Mereka, ada resah ada sakit ada perit ada hati yang terluka tapi mereka tetap mampu tertawa riang.

Dan aku berharap aku temui kebahagiaan aku juga someday. Yes I know I will be happy at the end of the day and I am totally grateful to have them in my life.

'Kisah kita berbeza, tapi aku belajar sesuatu dari kisah mereka‘

Duit elaun tak masuk lagi, so tak banyak sangat bole buat, tapi moment bersama tu sangat la best.

Again.thank you for this day. Another memory I created with them. I wanted to have as much memories as possible with them before I graduated. This is my life and I will be the one who will give colours and rhythms to my life and surely it will be nothing without them.

nampak tak penyu tu? 

you just enjoy your life. 
eat, pray, love

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