Monday, December 22, 2014

I wish..................

in my life. I really wish someone can give me a carousel musicbox. I promised myself I am not going to buy myself that carousel musicbox. *jawabnya kau tak akan dapat sampai bila bila*.... 

ok, another wishes...

I wish I can have a hamster, or kura kura or a rabbit/bunny.. Dulu, aku dengan adik cuba nak seludup curi curi bela arnab, sekali mak aku jumpa.. maka haruslah dipulangkan balik arnab tu pada tuan dia..... ;( 

I wish I can go and travel with kiroro.. * never happen though in 100 years time* 

I wish I can have arsenal new jersey.. *anyone going to padang besar? hurm* 

I wish I can have these books to complete my collection 

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