Friday, December 19, 2014

is this the end of our friendship?

I thought our friendship is strong, as strong as Titanic to handle all the storm and fierce waves along the way of sailing, but I forgot that Titanic sank at last. So I wonder is this the end of our friendship? Just because of simple matter?

Yeap , you thought that I always put the blames on you? since when, did I always put the blame on you? Count, make it at least 5, count until 5 blames that I put on you?

What happened recently between us, that is when I put the blame on you. You should inform me earlier, not only when I already bought my bus ticket, not only when I already made the step. I don't like last minute changes actually. I try to stick to what I promised, unless I have to break the promises because of my commitments or because of my work. That one, I cannot help it.

I was offended when you have to cancel our plan, last minute. At least, inform me much earlier. Then, I feel lik 'oh oke, kiranya aku mengganggu kau la ni,, sorry then. I will work on my own' . Then, I decided to find the solution on my own. Since you said you are tired, ok then, it was fine by me I am going to disturb you. Takut nanti menyusahkan pulak. I was sulking, yeah because I was so eager to watch that movie with you actually, because I missed our moment.

Ok fine. fine by me when you asked your boyfriend to talk on your behalf. Thank you, I appreciate that but I am type of person, who once made a decision, I am going to change my decision. When I said, I don't want to disturb you, you don't have to fetch me at the ktm komuter because I really understand that you are tired, then let it be. After that, you texted me calling, calling me stubborn,, ok. Offended.

then, I think you made no effort to repair our little misunderstanding. At least, that morning, text me but your boyfriend did. He is a good friend. Ok, ok. I got it. I kept no heart feeling. benda dah lepas, lepas kan je lah.

back to kelantan, aku really kept nothing inside. Still clicked on like button on your IG,, then out of sudden I read your twitter, telling that you don't need love and friend. I replied, if that friend is me, I am sorry then. You didn't reply, but you keep tweeting. I guess that tweet was referring to me.

ok, so this is the end of our friendship? how brittle our friendship is. Semudah itu, kau buang kawan? You have other friend right. Then forget me. If that what you wish, be my pleasure, I will walk away from your life.

and if you think I put the blame on you about what happened between you and your boyfriend recently, I only voice up my opinion. Apa guna kawan kalau tak boleh nasihat benda yang baik untuk kawan. Aku bukan jenis kawan yang back up kawan bila kawan buat salah, tapi memberitahu rasional tindakan mereka, seperti mana aku mengharapkan kawan aku turut memberikan pandangan sebegitu. We are not perfect, we made mistakes, itu guna kawan, sebagai cerminan kita.Kalau salah, aku harapkan nasihat untuk membetulkan aku..  Alright, if you were offended about that matter, I am sorry.

I believe, you deserve a better friend then, you can give you happiness instead of sadness. Till then, I am sorry for everything. since you dah bosan dengan perangai aku, yeah I am not perfect so rest assured that I am not going to disturb your life anymore.

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