Tuesday, March 17, 2015


there are many types of friendship that you will encounter with your friends, one of a good example is a love hate friendship. In front of you, they pretend to be kind and loving but behind your back they will just badmouthing you. These friends are nothing different than a parasite.

Another parasite in friendship is when your friends only treat you as an option. They will come clinging to you when they need you, when they need your help but when they are among their friends, you are just invisible to them. 

I've have these types of friendship, and to be frank having a parasite is not a good thing. It will slowly harm you, slowly will kill you. I am very loyal in any relationship ( family and friends ) , I am kind and I am willing to sacrifice, but not for their covert intention. 

Sorry, once I found out that way, slowly I will distract myself from them. I better off alone, and I better be with someone who treasure the value of friendship. 

Yang penting aku berpegang pada believes yang macam ni : 

Yang penting, jangan kita buat orang, jangan kita yang badmouthing people, kita dengar je cerita-cerita member kita burukkan pasal orang lain tapi nak percaya tu, jangan. Always listen to both side and never trust one side story. Tak perlu sibuk-sibuk nak berbicara pasal orang, banyak lagi kerja kita. 

Bila orang layan kita macam option, means kita bukan lagi kawan baik mereka. Kawan baik ni memang tak semestinya kena sentiasa berkepit 24 jam, long distance friendship pun boleh consider as kawan baik tapi kau akan nampak sendiri bila dia dah layan kau as an option. WHY? Sebab mereka dah ada kawan baik mereka yang lain. Why bother, distance yourself from them. Kalau mereka susah, pandai-pandai la mereka cari kawan baik mereka tu nanti. 

bila dah dewasa camni, having a lot of friends are meaningless. Be with someone yang worth everything about your friendship. Sekalipun dia mulut puaka, tapi itu la kawan yang buat kita sedar apa kita buat tu salah, itu lah kawan yang bila susah dia akan tolong. 

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