Tuesday, April 14, 2015

happy birthday dubudubu

What a weird nickname of dubudubu. Whatever,, let it be.
I don't know how to say this, but ermmmm..... happy birthday dubudubu. There are so many things that I wanted to wish you, and I wanted to tell you so I am writing this for you.

Babe, I can't recall when is the exact date that we became good friend. Though we are classmate but before this we didn't get close like this. I was busy and always away from class for student council commitment and I have my own geng to hang out with. I must say, I hardly attach to anyone because I am having my own conflict in myself but then we get close, and getting closer until today. Probably we can get close merely because we share something in common. You know what, you cannot open to anyone easily. If they are not in the same boat like you, they might judge you.

We get close and I learnt a lot actually from you. I enjoyed doing all those escapades with you. I enjoyed doing stupid things with you. Ape je kita tak buat, hahaha. Break the rules dah selalu buat, lepak pantai lepak sungai jogging sama-sama, melantak tak ingat dunia sama-sama. Semua dah buat. Thank you sebab tak biar aku sorang-sorang, thank you for not letting me to walk alone. I know your siblings, and I could see how much you love your family. You akan jadi tulang belakang keluarga, so stay strong demi mama dan adik-adik yang lain. I know you will. Seronok kenal your sister, kenal your mama and angah. May Allah bless you and your family.

Babe, today is your birthday. Semoga dengan bertambahnya umur ni, you akan jadi manusia yang lebih baik. I hope you will become stronger, and wiser and better muslimah. We are all sinners but it is never too late to change. Semoga setiap kesilapan yang kita buat, akan menjadikan kita manusia yang lebih baik. Babe, never astray from HIM, selagi kita berpaksikan Tuhan, Insyaallah we will be fine. Always remember Allah and mama in what ever you do. I know how broken we are, but I hope we will stay strong. As a friend, I just want the best for you and I don't want anyone to hurt you anymore and just treat you like nobody important. Have faith, have pride to walk away, and you kena kuat kena ada prinsip hidup yang kuat. You need to be strong for your family. May Allah protect you from any danger. Don't do something that you will regret later because sometimes, a wrong move can hunt you forever. So stay strong and remember HIM in whatever you do. * I need these words from you too later, when I need you to stop me from doing anything stupid *

babe, we shared so many things together, even our dreams. Let's make it a reality someday. I will never get bored to travel with you again. I know you can walk alone, I know some might think how lonely we are for being a lone ranger but we have each other Insyaallah. Someday I am not around you anymore, remember that whatever happen never lose hope. Always be kind like you always do,, and never forget HIM.

Babe, jaga hati. take a good care of your fragile heart. Never let they hurt you again. I cannot thank you for everything you did to me. Enjoy your life, age is just a number.

Lastly, happy birthday babe. Aku tak mampu nak buat kek batik untuk birthday kau but already treat you kan. Nanti kita celebrate lagi dengan little pumpkin. If you feel like running away, come to me, I can always run with you. If you feel like crying, I am here to lend you my shoulder.. Don't bottle up your emotion.

Bonne anniversaire mademoiselle. Je t'aime beaucoup.

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