Saturday, April 18, 2015

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when I sit with her, listened to her story I almost drop my tears as much as I can see her trying to hold back her tears. Sorry lah hati aku ni tisu sikit, tu pasal orang selalu boleh permainkan je hidup kau, selalu orang takes me for granted but never mind, mama pesan hidup ni kena buat baik pada orang dan kena sentiasa belajar untuk berdikari selain hidup ni kena berani harung semua obstacles in life. Sebabnya kita bergantung pada Dia untuk tolong kita dan lindungi kita.

sebenarnya aku mula perlu belajar untuk selfish a bit, filter the kindness that I wanted to give to others. I must learn to give to those who really need them, don't care if they are just strangers and also to those who will appreciate you.

Back to main topic :

Dugaan hidup manusia ni berbeza dan sebenarnya tipu kalau manusia cakap 'aku paham kau' bila dia tak mengalami hal yang sama. Last night, I just chatted with her while waiting for the night performance to start ( involved with a camping in school ) . I have to hold back my tears while listening to her story because she was in my situations right before she survived to be who she is today. I do really understand when she said she got depression few years ago because I also have depression but I refuse to rely on medicine because I believe that I am strong to overcome this illness. Hidup dia hampir sama macam aku cumanya tak de lah nak sama 100% kan.

Selagi kau tak berada dalam situasi dia, kau tak akan betul-betul faham macam mana perasaan tu . Perasaan depression tu macam mana hell nya, macam mana sakitnya, and the struggles that you need to endure to overcome your depression.

Walau apa pun halangan hidup, be a survivor. Hidup kita ni dugaan dia berbeza dan yakin Allah uji kita tu sebab Dia tahu kemampuan kita. Maybe di pihak kita, we wish to give up and end everything but believe me,, if you believe in HIM, you will be fine in the end. She told me, you cannot surrender to your miserable life, you cannot surrender to your depression. Kena bangkit. Kena banyak ingat Tuhan. Be closer to HIM, that is the only cure.

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…”(Qur’an, 2:286).

Insyaallah I will. ;) I hope you will stay strong sister.

Betul kan ape orang cakap, the loneliest is always the kindest. The loneliest is the one who always laugh the most. She is a happy go lucky person but who knows the struggles that she endured for all this while. At least, I know there is someone who has been there in the same situation like me but she made it. So, I can do it too. Insyallah.

Ok sedih. I feel like crying right now thinking that I have come until this far. Can I make it to the end?

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