Tuesday, April 14, 2015

short trip to Singapore

last 2 weeks, I went to Singapore, but it is just one day trip. It was a rushing trip that I made, and I planned to go there within less than a week. Book a hostel, change the money and get a bus ticket to Larkin a day before I went to Singapore.

I just want to get an escape. Last 2 weeks was awful. Something happened and I feel that I don't get a justice from their judgement. I went there on Friday, right after I finished with my second observation from Mr. Thillai. The observation went not as I planned it to be, but never mind it is a part of learning.

Then I rushed back to the college, with my phone and tab battery half recharged and I don't have much time to charge them. I put a few things in my bag : kain telekung, towel, pants and shirt, and of course food. I rushed to Melaka Sentral because my bus was scheduled to be at 2PM. As always, I buat babak drama berlari dalam Melaka Sentral sebab aku dah lambat masa tu. We got stuck in the traffic congested. I was lucky enough the bus didn't leave me and I was the last person to get into the bus. Opps sorry that I was late for 5 minutes.

Along the way, I slept soundly because I was damn tired. That night I slept at 4am as I prepared the lesson for the observation and of course, my draft for research proposal. Sedar-sedar je aku dah sampai Johor. Sampai Larkin I went to surau and performed my prayers. Then baru gigih tanya orang macam mana nak masuk Singapore, I mean which bus that I need to ride and last time I remembered it was CausewayLink bus that will bring you to Singapore. Again, stuck kat custom emigration. Ramai lah pulok manusio nok masuk Singapore time tu. It was peak hour actually and I safely arrived Queenstreet at 7PM. I headed to Bugis Mrt to buy my tourist pass. Tapi malang a bit that I can only use EZ Link card.

Never mind, pergi cari hostel, made my payment for the hostel. I met my friend Ilia since I know she was in Singapore too at that time, and she was alone. As always, aku sesat sikit la nak cari hostel but managed to find my hostel. I went out to enjoy Singapore nightlife with Ilia. I was a bit frustrated because I cannot watch that waterfront performance like I used to watch before this. We just went to Esplanade and Merlion.

Tenang je rasa duduk sana, I have heart feeling session with Ilia. I poured out everything to her and let go all my bottled up emotions that I kept inside. It was a windy night and I enjoyed the moment with her. Then we separated as we booked different hostel. Balik hostel tu solat and terus tido but the room was terrible. Nak solat pun susah because it is very small and the other company in that room were unfriendly. Cehh. Never mind, ignore them.

The next day, I went to Ilia's hostel which is very near to Kampung Gelam or Arab Street... Sesat tu tak yah cakap, but I was grateful there's a very kind hearted Muslim auntie showed me the way to Arab Street except she didn't know where was Ilia's hostel. She was so friendly, and at her age of 64 she still have to work to earn her living . High living cost in Singapore, not everyone will live a luxurious life in such a big city. Jalan punyer jalan finally jumpa la jugak. Can only reach Ilia through wassap when I get the wifi. Cilok wifi hostel Ilia duduk 'Kiwi Backpacker' to contact her. Kemain lagi gigih plan nak pergi Chinatown tapi last sekali dia malas nak pergi. Hahaha,, this girl kan memang lah.

While waiting for her at the lobby, I spoke to a few foreigner and we shared information especially about Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. Eceh dah macam tourist guide pulak aku ni. I have breakfast with Ilia before we departed. She went to the airport and I continue my trip. Just jalan jalan cari ole-ole kat Arab Street but a bit sad sebab masjid Sultan was closed for renovation. Next time kalau nak stay boleh stay kat Kiwi Backpacker Hostel because it is near to that mosque and you can always pray there.

Penat jalan, dari Arab Street sampai kampung glam that night pun dah jalan sakan jugak before went back alone to the hostel, I decided to go back. Then of course sesat lagi but finally mampu sampai Larkin dengan jayanya. Traffic congested tak yah cakap, penat and kaki aku dah melecet teruk sebab jalan banyak . Ignore the pain, I kept walking. I met a wonderful single mother who sat next to me in the bus to Larkin (will share about her in the next entry). Arrived Melaka at 6.30pm and Syukriah fetch me at Melaka Sentral. I dozed off early that night due to fatigue . Tak mampu nak reply birthday wish so I read all the text next morning.

Ilia, it always a wonderful ride to be with you. Next time kita jalan lagi, sebab pergi Singapore ni macam masing masing pergi solo trip. We just met for a moment so next time let's have a proper plan. Thank you for being there for advises and for lending me your shoulder to cry on. *can't wait for her trip to Melaka and I am honoured to be her tourist guide* Cepat lah datang and I can pretend to be a tourist as well . Ngeeee. ;)

Yeayyy. The end of journey. Nanti aku datang lagi taw. It is just that aku ni tak de sense of map langsung. Guna la waze ke, map ke konfirm still sesat lagi. So I save my energy for figuring out the way I use my mouth to ask for directions.

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