Tuesday, April 14, 2015

words may hurt.

Stop being sarcastic.
Stop putting all the blames on me.

Stop. Just stop and let end this nonsense.
I am not interested to entertain drama queen, I am not interested to involve myself with any conflict.

Pernah tanya diri sendiri, kenapa dia buat macam tu kat kau. Pernah? Maybe you hurt her with your sharp tongue. Be careful, words can be even sharper than a sword.

Pernah tanya diri sendiri apa kau pernah buat pada dia? Pernah? Yang kau tahu cuma salahkan dia. People distant themselves from you for reasons, at least for a reason.

You forgot to ask yourself what have you done until you created a monster in her. You just know how to blame her for being a monster. You don't know how badly hurt she was from your actions.

So enough. Stop hurting her with your words, with your actions. Let her go. Let them go. Let the monsters go away from your life. You created them. Remember that. So don't put the blame on them, Stop being sarcastic.

I had enough.

Sama situasi seperti aku. Bila kau semudah itu keji hidup aku miserable, keji akan nasib aku yang tidak bernasib baik seperti kau. Kau kawan baik aku, tapi itu bukan tiket untuk kau lancang seperti itu. Thank you for the words that I cannot accept, those painful words are like shrapnel that went straight through my heart. It stabbed me so deeply. Thank you for the words, not you created a gap between us.

Ok, go and enjoy your happiness. I can stay strong without you. You forgot who I am, dear friend. All those nasib malang that I encountered yang buat aku kuat. How could you, you are one of my best friend, just because of that insiden kau lancang dan celupar sebegitu sekali?

My God. Unbelievable. Tak pe la, at least nampak lah true colours of you. You are just a selfish moron. Huh. Should I cherish this friendship? Should I? Or should I walk away from your life? I will decide later.

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