Wednesday, May 13, 2015

people come and go

no matter how hard you pray to God to keep those people that you love in your life forever, sometimes they will just walk away from your life.

People entered my life, and they walked away. It is so painful when they come into your life, they bring happiness and the next day they left. They leave you hanging alone, they leave you with sorrows and misery, they leave you with the pieces of memories.

I wish I have the power to stop them from leaving, to stop you from leaving but I can't. I don't have that magic power, I don't even have a queer spells to do the magic.

They say people come into your life for reasons. Then I asked, ' they also leave you for reasons? '
I am not perfect, I have thousands of flaws and weakness. Will you just stay, accept all the flaws and weaknesses while I am doing the same thing to you?

Departure and people leaving are two hardest thing in my life. Finally I am the one who are being lonely.

Until at certain point, I only keep a few people close in my heart and I prefer to be alone. I enjoy my solitude, and I enjoy doing things alone because someday I will understand, people will come and go. Same like me, I might have to say goodbyes when I need to go, when I am no longer needed in their life.

Why would I stay when I am no longer needed in their life? but for them, I need them in my life but still they are leaving me alone which I don't understand why except I kept the pain and hurt inside me.

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