Thursday, June 11, 2015

' teringin '

at this moment, I wish to run away from my own life. I wish to have an escape from my real life. 
I want to go somewhere, where no one knows me.

I wish I am at the beach right now, watching sunset or sunrise, and I can read my favourite book from Cecelia Ahern. I wish I can sip my mocha cappuccino while enjoying my novel and the view. I just want to sit alone, listen to the rhythm of the sea breeze and watch the birds flying so freely on the sky. 

Dear birds, why are you so happy ? Why can you fly so freely? I am so envy with you. 

I want to get drowning with my own deep thoughts and my own emotions. Don't mind if I have to cry alone. I want to find the best decision in my life, I want to pray so hard and whisper in my heart, I know God is always listening even to the silent prayers. 

I wish I could travel,, I wish I could escape. That's all I need. It would be perfect moment for me. 

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