Monday, July 20, 2015

" musnah "

I thought you are different from others, yet you are just the same like others.
Your silent resembles coward to my eyes.
Explain to me.
At least show me that you still want me to stay in your life.

Now I see your action by blocking me from your social account showed me enough proof that you don't want me to stay in your life.
Thank you.

Dan semua itu hancur musnah hanya dengan ego kau dan bongkak kau yang tidak tahu menghargai.
A friendship ruined.
Never mind, perjalanan hidup kau dan aku masih jauh, terutamanya kau. Mungkin suatu hari nanti kau akan belajar apa itu erti sebenar menghargai.

dan aku.
I learnt my lesson too.
I learnt that some people entered your life for some kind of reason.
They left because of a reason too. 

hati aku, hancur sakit remuk kecewa.
all those mixed up feeling I felt so fucked up.
I wish I can hate you
I wish I can punch you right on your face
Agar kau tahu, rasa sakitnya hati ini. 

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