Sunday, August 2, 2015

'' decision ''

to end a relationship is the hardest thing to do in life.
half of you convince yourself that we should fight for our final battle, there is still hope and miracle for the relationship to bloom again.
half of you told you that it is meaningless when it is only you who fight alone for your relationship.

Don't you get sick when you only as a wallflower in their life?
Don't you get sick when you only exist when you are needed?

you asked me to stay, but you treat me like a stranger. Tak rasa ke betapa hambarnya friendship kita shazryn? Kau chat sekejap then lesap. Kau kata tak boleh nak wassap, tapi twitter ada je kan? kalau kau boleh keep conversation with others why not with me? aku bukan follower kau dalam twitter?

actually , I am sick of words. Words tak synchronize dengan action.

satu je aku pesan,
belajar lah untuk menghargai.
itu yang aku pinta.
mungkin suatu hari nanti aku dah tak de dalam hidup kau,, aku harap aku tinggal momento indah dalam hidup kau.

it is not easy to come out with a decision to walk away from your life, but even if I stay I am still nobody in your life why would I stay.At least, show me a reason to stay, but you didn't show me any signs. aku umpama halimunan dalam hidup kau.

All I need is courage and just one day to spend my last time with you.
Au revoir.

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