Friday, August 28, 2015

'' what if ''

what if one day, I decided to choose my own path.
what if one day, I decided to be what I wanted to be for all this while?

Are you going to be disappointed with me mum and dad?
For all these while, I have been trying to make you proud with me, even to be a teacher.
Mum and dad, if one day I choose to be an engineer, please forgive me .. I am so sorry. I am deeply sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone, instead I was hurt for this while doing things that I don't like. I am not happy.

But I promise, at least for the contract to end, I promise to be a good teacher, even for all this while I tried my best to be a teacher. I sincerely teach them . I believe whatever we do, if we do it sincerely because of HIM, we will get reward (pahala).

Entah lah. Sebab nak sambung master TESL kat oversea macam susah je dengan ekonomi sekarang. Paling tidak pun someday la kot bawak family datang sama untuk aku sambung belajar.

Everything I leave to HIM to decide.

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