Wednesday, October 28, 2015

' without goodbye '

sometimes the best goodbye is without saying goodbye. You just walk away and never say goodbye. Let your goodbye is not being noticed at all, because if he cares,, he will find you. if he cares, he never let you go without goodbye. 

I am leaving, and this time I am not going to say goodbye because my present is never being noticed. Ada beza if someone wants to keep you for his/her own sake, dengan keeping you with love and care. Beza dia melalui perbuatan. 

 I am ready to walk away but this time, without goodbye. maybe I am going to change my number first. Biarlah kalau dia masih wujud di laman twitter or instagram or fb sekalipun. Let him see that I am okay when I leave him. Kalau aku sememangnya tidak pernah penting dan disayangi di dalam hidup kau, I better go. I rather be alone dari makan hati selalu rasa diri ni tak pernah penting. 

Goodbye is what I am going to do at this moment. When? Anytime. Right now. I have to have my own pride and dignity,, why would I have to be with someone who never appreciate me. I better go right? 

In relationship, there are two options. 
first : you end everything straight away. you get sad but eventually you will heal in the end.
second : you go with the flow, layankan rasa sakit diperlakukan macam tak penting dalam hidup seseorang, and in the end, they remove you from their life, you get sad. 

I wanted to choose the first option. If he cares, if they cares, they will show and they will never let you go. Trust me. Relationship is about sincerity not based on sympathy. 

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