Friday, December 25, 2015

" you fix or you end ? "

I could see nowadays, most relationships tend to end with break up. Probably I am too old to be in this new trend that sometimes it leaves me with jaw dropping moment the moment I know my relationship just ended.

true that we cannot measure how strong a relationship is by period ( how long you have been together with someone ) but don't you think it is such a waste and it is kind of loss when you ended your relationship that you built for months or years already. I refer to every relationship ( love and friendship ). It seems that nowadays whenever two lovers or two best friends encountered a conflict or a fight, they tend to end their relationship. Gosh, for God sake it that all? Sekukuh dan sekuat itu je ke hubungan korang, hanya sebab dilanda badai yang tidak begitu kuat? I believe there are certain relationship that you cannot fight no matter how hard it is but the main point here is that, you easily give up on your relationship.

you tend to end your relationship instead of trying to fix it. You end your relationship, you start a new relationship with someone else. Bravo. Hati kau cukup keras. Mungkin bagi kau it is okay to do that, but think of your partner. Your friend or your lover might get hurt. Lagi satu, semudah itu ke you end your relationship after all what you have been through together? Unless both of you have done fighting and trying to fix your relationship. Itu lain cerita. Ini cerita bila ada konflik baru sekali dua kali terus tamatkan relationship tu. I wonder semudah itu ke kau nak buang camtu je relationship tu, macam buang barang yang tak terpakai. Ini buatkan aku kagum dengan orang dulu-dulu ( seusia mak ayah kita) yang bila ada konflik je mereka selesaikan dengan baik even dengan kawan-kawan mereka or lover/spouses dan bukan buang barang berharga (relationship) tu macam tu je.. Mungkin aku dibesarkan dengan mindset camtu, jadi bagi aku awkward dengan trend sekarang how we lead our relationships in life.

Let say, you end your relationship with someone, then you have to start all over again with someone new ( get to know each other, and try to build that chemistry ). In every relationship, to build a chemistry is never easy. Not everyone can accept your flaws and your strength, not everyone is sincere to be with you regardless of who you are, and everyone can simply enter your family ( every family has conflicts too ) and is okay with that, and not everyone is willing to stay to support you, to help you through your thick and thin situation.

you choose. you fix your relationship during any conflict and you learn something from your conflict or you end straight away just because you get annoyed and you hate conflict. I believe in every relationship there must have conflict either to strengthen your relationship or to break your relationship. It depends on you to choose. fix or end! If you choose to fix it ( you discuss and have heart to heart discussion to find the solution ), you will learn to handle conflict, you will learn to lowered down your ego, you will learn to appreciate and get to know about your lover/friend better and you will remember that as bittersweet moments in your relationship. but if you choose to end it, that's it. Both of you will become strangers, you might find someone else, same goes with another party or you and your lover/best friend will have to endure with heart breaks.

because it is painful to be strangers with memories. Unless you are heartless enough to be strangers with memories and can perfectly live without memories. I just wonder how people can easily end their relationship and they can live without it. Well, different people lead different life and different opinions. I respect their decision and their choice, and I have my own opinion about relationship. I try to fix Because I usually don't walk away, unless I was told to walk away.

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