Sunday, December 20, 2015

" you should stop knocking "

here is one analogy that I can give you

" you should stop knocking the door that was purposely closed to you " 

this analogy is applied to those who closed their heart to you, to those who decided to end every relationship with you either your own lover or your friend. It is their decisions to remove you from their life, it is their decision asking for you to leave and close the door for you, so that you are not going to enter their life anymore. Once they did that, stop knocking the door. It is no use trying to go back to their life, it is no use trying to fight for your relationship. If they give up on your relationship, there is nothing much you can do. So stop knocking their door, let them live in peace, and you move on. 

Someday. you will be fine. All the pain, all the hurts will heal. All you need is time. Take as much time as you can to heal, a month or even a year just don't go back knocking to their door anymore. Take the time to start enjoying yourself, go travel, spend more time with your family and friends, focus on your life goals, do more charity work, go for outdoor, listen to the music, dance in the rain.. See? There are more to life. Doing those thing will heal you. You worth more than everything. They don't need you anymore, so why bother standing by their door anymore. They are not going to open the door and let you enter their life anymore.

Remember, you are no longer needed. If they need you, they will fight together with you, trying to mend the broken relationship, trying to make it better. If you fight alone, trying to fix your relationship it won't work. It always takes two to tango, remember. You cannot tango alone. 

Move on. Walk away. Stop knocking at their door. Fly away. Take your time to heal. Trust me, good thing will happen. Who knows, along the way you are taking your time to heal, you will meet someone better. A better and loyal friend, or your prince charming. Who knows what God is planning for you, just pray for a happy ending. Have faith. Always have faith in Him. 

Stop knocking. That's all and enjoy your life. It is okay if it means you have to do it alone, find new friends if that case. ;)  

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