Saturday, July 9, 2016

I am sorry HY

deep down from my heart, I know there's someone that I need to apologize for all my wrongdoings to him. before I really can move on and start my new life, there are two people that I wanted to ask for their forgiveness. Farah and Hafiz. I already apologized to Farah, and tinggal aku nak minta maaf dengan Hafiz je.

But I don't know how to reach you. I don't know your new number. I don't have your fb, ig or even twitter. You really disappeared like you said once before. So I just email that apologize letter to you to your email, with hope you will receive and read it.

I am sorry for everything. It is not I didn't appreciate you but I still need time to accept someone in my life. Yes, my heart still longing for rohilmi that time, and when you confessed it was too sudden but I can accept you if you give me time. But we don't have time. We entangled in a triangle conflict. The last I would do is to hurt her, because I love her the way you love her. How can you love her then suddenly you love me? Masa dan keadaan yang tidak mengizinkan, itu je penyebab dia. Masa untuk kita kenal lebih mendalam tak berpihak untuk kita. Keadaan untuk kita create momen momen best seperti travel sama-sama lagi macam kat Singapore tu pun tak berpihak pada kita. I will missed all those memories. Thank you sebab ajar aku baca peta walaupun sampai sekarang aku fail lagi. Thank you sebab ajar aku travel, lepas tu aku dah travel sorang ke Singapore kot. LOL. Tapi, Apalah guna kita bahagia di atas penderitaan orang lain?

and because of that, I have to hurt you with all those insulting words so that you will hate me and go back to her. I am so sorry. I am truly sorry. Maaf untuk sekiranya tidak tunjuk aku hargai kehadiran kau,, hanya dapat bagi teddy bear keychain tu je sedangkan kau dah lengkapkan satu koleksi novel cecelia ahern untuk aku. Tapi kau lagi perlukan dia, dan dia perlukan kau lebih dari aku. Sorry for that hurting words. I really regret saying those words. I am sorry.

If you were to marry her, I will be the happiest person on earth. I pray for your happiness. Whoever will be your queen, will be the luckiest person on earth. You are the man that has everything I wanted in a man. you are a man with future, you setia, jujur, caring, baik hati sangat, we both love travelling, you educated serious talk aku suka bila kau borak pasal sesuatu topik because I hate reading for knowledge and I just love to hear from you about all that stuff. Unluckily, we are not meant for each other. Again, please forgive me Hafiz.

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