Saturday, July 16, 2016

" lesson learnt "

Approaching July already, which mean it has been half a year passed for 2016. I achieved nothing, all my plan ruined. I am waiting for my placement in school where I already redha if I were to be posted in Sabah. I have nothing to achieve, no travel abroad so far, still have no secure job, I have no car, I still have no money ( broke bitch as always LOL ), and of course, no house. I achieve nothing. 

Semua sebab posting lambat, semua pending but still I am grateful that I am still breathing, trying to survive with this part time job as an English lecturer with very low payment ( the ceo here is very stingy and money minded, they only treat us like slave not as an asset ). However, there are so many things that I have learnt these past few months. 

1. people can change. Dulu, aku dengan sorang housemate ni kemai rapat lagi tapi dengan mudah berubah macam tu je. Friend for instant ni yang aku paling tak suka. So I learnt that, since people change, let them be. Don't try to fix what is already broken. I asked for forgiveness then I left. Same goes with other relatioship. I don't want to hold on to the fragile relationship anymore. Asyik kau sorang je yang always work for the relationship yang lain lagi suka kalau kau berambus,, why did you have to try again? 

2. Don't love someone too much. Some people don't love you the way you love them. You cannot force love, and you cannot force people to stay. Ini antara pengajaran terbaik yang aku belajar sepanjang 2016. Don't love too much, it may become hatred. Itu yang aku lalui sekarang. From love into hatred. 

3. some people are not meant to be in a relationship. Aku mungkin antara manusia yang tidak bertuah untuk disayangi dan dicintai. So I have to live and enjoy my life with what I have right now. I still have families, and friends, they are my true love. Kau boleh tahu kalau mereka or seseorang itu ikhlas ataupun tidak dengan kau. Dari cara dan effort mereka menghargai kau. 

4. Don't take people for granted. Belajarlah untuk menghargai seseorang yang dah begitu bersungguh untuk ada di waktu kau susah, yang sanggup hadapi kesusahan demi nak tolong kau. Jangan lah jadi manusia bangsat sangat sebab hanya datang pada mereka waktu kau susah untuk mintak tolong, tapi bila kau dah senang dengan selamba kau dengan kawan-kawan kau. Kau lupakan dia. It was the most painful moment to me to stay in someone's life that I love, but he took me for granted. 

5. Stop living with the society's dogmatic mind.The society right now really admire the external beauty,, nak yang putih flawless yang bergaya .. little did they know, they missed the values. Values the beauty of a heart is more important that the beauty faces. Kau yang pilih, nak hidup papa tapi bergaya ke nak hidup sederhana but you can smile to your bank account? Hidup nak bergaya, nak orang agungkan, orang puji orang cakap itu ini.. Tapi cuba kau jatuh, saat itu kau bilang berapa yang sudi di sisi kau. Society yang kau duk ikut sangat trend dyeorang tu akan ada untuk kau saat kau susah? Prove to me they will, unless kau artis. setakat instagram famous, I don't think they will, paling paling tidak ucapan " stay strong"

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