Monday, December 12, 2016

call it stupid, I am a helpless romantic person

I don't easily fell in love, but when I do I fall in love very hard. Saddest part is I fall in love with the wrong person, but stay loyal to them till it is enough for them to take me for granted.

loving them, I become a helpless romantic person. It is in my nature that I love to make them happy, surprise them, support them, being devoted and loyal to them.. but all I did to the wrong person.

I once bought a jersey to him.
I once learn to make kek batik and brownies just to make them happy.
I once surprise him with a box of chocolate and love letters.
I once have a dinner for his late birthday
I once make an album of our pictures to him with romantic captions.
I once bought him wallet, belt, cute pillows, not to mention few t-shirts so that he can use them later.
I once bought him handkerchief as I know men should at least have a handkerchief.
I once bought him small Al-Quran so that he won't astray from God.
I once make a video for him telling him how much I love him.
I once went through all the trouble to apply online application for him.
I once listen to all his problems and pat him on shoulder telling that I'll always support him and asking him to be strong.

and other things.

but, it is meaningless. I am easily being forgotten and everything meant nothing to him.
I accept the person that I fall in love with despite of their flaws.. if you have a reason to love, then it is materialistic love. but he cannot accept my flaws. the main reason not to love and took me for granted.

i reminded myself, stop being a helpless romantic person.

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