Monday, December 12, 2016

what have I achieved so far ?

biggest achievement in 2016.

# hold a position as part-time lecturer and teach new subjects.

# officially graduated early November , with cgpa 3.56 . Alhamdulillah I made my parents proud of me, and I finally let go my engineering dream from UTP and UTM 6 years ago when I saw how proud they are to me on stage. I have no regret I guess.

classmates of PISMP TESL 1 yang super havoc. 

graduate dah. Next ?? maybe untuk mum and dad tengok kakak sekali lagi on stage ambik scroll for Masters pulak

3 musketeer yang sentiasa ada waktu susah senang. little pumpkin dah pregnant and dubudubu finally found her true love. aku je la yang entah pape going through heart break.

few of my close friends in that class.

# being offered to pursue my Master from UTM and mama is willing to sponsor I have to decline the offer due to certain reason. I didn't apply for it and I think I am not ready. not yet.

# travel to Sabah, Penang, and Padang Besar while attending my best friends' weddings. Ipoh je tak cover lagi. Sabah is superb. Serious cantik and sangat bestttttt..

# finally dapat posting kat Melaka. 8 months is such a long waiting.

# own my own car, walaupun bukan kereta import like others, cukup lah kereta tu boleh bawak aku pergi kerja balik kerja, I am grateful. Thank you mama bayarkan downpayment kereta kiter.. ngeee. cukuplah aku ukur baju di badan sendiri, aku tak hidup dengan pandangan orang and aku tak kejar sangat "apa orang cakap"

belum tercapai :

# umrah

#find a soulmate and get married but marriage is a scary thing. I am still in trauma to love someone.

# house

# travel

# join any voluntary work that I can teach while travelling.

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